But keep Kenpo Cardio Plus as a gift to you simply for trying P90X Plus.
An unprecedented total-body phenomenon.Five X-treme play casino games for free 60 minute Plus workouts will rip, shred, and tear up your muscles, and leave you exhausted and wanting more!After this one, you won't be able to pick up a ping pong paddle for a couple hours.Workouts available on DVD or via online streaming include Ab Ripper X; Cardio X; Kenpo X; Shoulders and Arms; Chest and Back; all mobile casino Back and Biceps; Chest, Shoulders and Triceps; Legs and Back; Core Synergistics; Yoga X; X Stretch; and Plyometrics.When you're done, you won't even be able to pick up a tennis ball for a couple hours.If you've tried P90X and loved it, but you're ready for something new, P90X creator and trainer Tony Horton's got the answer: P90X Plus.Just when I thought the X had pushed me to my limits, Tony crushed it with P90X Plus!" Lisa.Downloadable worksheets for you to record 21 nova casino coupon code your sets and reps and track your progress!Tony amps up the Muscle Confusion with intense new cardio, muscle chiseling, and ab/core-ripping moves to bump up your fitness gains from P90X.The workouts are meant to be very challenging and designed to elicit muscle confusion.
By adding these cutting edge workouts into your P90X rotation will literally be taking your workouts TO THE MAX and design workout combinations beyond your imagination.
The Original P90X, the original P90X workout system includes 12 workouts to strengthen your muscles, increase cardiovascular conditioning and improve flexibility.
For P90X grads looking for a new 90-day challenge, P90X2 is the way.Add P90X Plus to your regular rotation and create workout combinations beyond anything you've ever imagined.Randomly switching out a P90X workout for a P90X Plus workout provides the variety and increased intensity required to keep your fitness progress on an upward trend.A schedule is included with the P90X Plus system, showing you how to integrate the two programs.DVD extrasTony's Trainer Tracks with detailed professional advice on every routine to assist you in achieving perfect form an dthe best results!

The NEW P90X Plus will help you break past plateaus with hard core new muscle chiseling, cardio, and ab/core-ripping routines to amp up your results.