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Back Row: From L to R: ENS Casal, ENS Gilbert, ENS Chen, LT McRae, CWO5 "Combat" Hagemann (cnatt Det Whiting Field Director).
10/30/02 - USS Eisenhower ray donovan time slot recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a formal Reunion Gala at Nauticus in roblox poker Norfolk, VA on Here's a shot of the amdos all dressed.11/29/07 - Here's the CVW-1/aimd Enterprise Greenshirts : Front Row (L to R LT Richard Thousand (HS-11 ENS Darin Williams (HS-11 ENS Christan Cruz (VFA-86 LT Richard Mercado (HS-11 lcdr Lee Smith (VFA-86 CDR Bob Farmer (aimd MO lcdr Luke Arkins (CAG MO CWO3 Tom.Lcdr curry turns.12/4/08 - 26 Nov 08 AMO School graduates - from left to right: ltjg Joshua Campbell (HSL-44 LT Jonathan Greer (FRC MidAtlantic site New Orleans ENS Nathan Hurt II (VAQ-130).Second picture is minus CWO-2 Garcia but with San Diego in the background.
11/29/06 - Here's the CVW-14/USS Ronald Reagan team.
6/8/2017 - Senior amdos at the 2017 narg.
Seated (left to right ENS Deal (VFA-15 ENS Lins (VFA-143 ENS Yang (VAQ-131 and LT Mike Phillips (Instructor).3/4/10 - Kathy and Norm Blinn just returned from cruising the Caribbean aboard Arabella, a three-masted schooner.More than thirty active and retired maintenance officers were in attendance to listen.Officers in the Navy have responsibilities that include anything from low-level management to the highest levels of command.From the left are: rdml Tim Matthews, Terry Burt, JC Harding, Tony Jaramillo, John Pasch (1527 Dave Paulk, CJ Jaynes, Rich Lorentzen, Kate Erb, Jon Albright, David Randle, Art Pruett, radm Mike Bachmann, Mike Kelly and Tim Holland.Skyta (VFA-192, Atsugi, Japan.Front Row - Chree Emerson, John Hamel, Shannon Thompson (cagmo Juan (GG) Garciagalindo, Robin Nelson, Rob Pavel (2015 Strike Fighter Wing Gunner of the Year) 1/11/2016 - Another belated photo just received.Carl chartered a fishing boat from the Solomons Island Rec Center and headed out for some Rockfish (with some moderate success). .They will be spending 67 days at sea, 48 days in port visiting 40 different ports in 23 different countries.Here's Will Bransom and the officers and men of CVN-76 aimd just before Art Pruett took over.Still a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but Gina and I have been blessed here in Nashville with tremendous friends and opportunities!Is that a racing wheelchair?1/9/2011 - Here is CDR Hump Lee's team aboard USS Ronald Reagan : From L-R; ascm Roland Santos, LT Dennis Narlock (6330 LT Will Gray (1520 lcdr Darren Wright (1520 CDR Hump Lee (1520 lcdr Grady Duffey (1520 LT Charles Scarcello (1520 ltjg Dewayne Irvin.

1/5/09 - Following a four and a half year Refueling and Complex Overhaul (rcoh) period at Newport News shipyard, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is working tirelessly in preparation for their upcoming deployment.
6/26/2013 - Here's Cathy and Dave Mozgala relaxing after a tough day of walking on European cobblestones in Estonia, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.
4/21/2016 - ENS Sharpe (VFA 154) comes to Millington to get some mentorship/career advice from detailer Tony Kelly.