Sincerely Graham Graham never heard from them again.
Well, the fact that it is sent from and to a free email service (and not MSN or Hotmail) and that the contact address is a t address, must be considered to be somthing of a givaway (And can someone please shed som light.
Could you reconfirm if my claim # 3464353 is still in your possession and i will have the monies wire transferred to you by Monday Jan 2nd or Tuesday Jan 3rd at the latest.
Good luck from me and members of staff of the irish lottery.So please be patient because she has a habit of being nasty when she feels like.You are to contact the approved agents by email or fax within a week of receiving this notice.Date: Februari 22, 2005.43.56 MET.Ref: UK/9420X/05, batch: 074/05/ZY369, attention:Winner, congratulations!We must state that except you want the parcel turned over to the JLC, you must therefore proceed to money gram u michigan poker today and send the funds to: Name:.This also means i have lost my Winnings to the JLC and the stated fees plus charges to SKY express.Please have the JLC acknowledge the receipt of the parcel and pass on my personal details and if they could send me the receipt of the cheque then i would like to claim it in my 2005 Income Tax Deduction.
Please note that i don't wish my parcel be turned over to the JLC.
The last thing we need is to fatten the government coffers.
If you receive such an email delete it and do not open any attachments.
We therefore urge that you reconfirm your current contact address including your telephone number(s) for this purpose (if different from what we have from your lotto company).
However, due to our standing experience in the courier world of business, winnings are transferrable only after such claims have been received by the prospective winner(s).
NOT, bE notified BY email BY ANY legitimate lottery that YOU worize. .I still thank you for all your efforts.Please confirm the correct title and i will need an extra day extension because at this moment the banks are closed in England.Once paid, a reference number shall be given to you by the Money Grant agent/point of payment.Below, you will find the receiving account details of our account officer as earlier mentioned.Lucky deep lottery draw, lucky deep lottery incoporated, lucky draw, global lotto promotions.