(Example: Hold weekly FHE, Go to the sacramento casino buffet temple monthly, play church music daily, have family scripture study daily, etc).
Enjoy!General Conference this coming weekend.Conference Bingo Squares 2- Name all those in the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve.Make a poster with the family goal and have it hanging where everyone can see it daily. So this time I created 5 different versions of the same bingo game.We should study often their words and put them into our hearts and lives. This is particularly helpful with little ones who prefer instant rewards rather than a wait If you appreciate these fun ideas and free downloads let me know in a comment below, sign up for my newsletter and addlink play blackjack for real money real urlm/rachaelstorybooknook textlike me on Facebook!
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We hope that our activities and ideas will help to enrich your familys General Conference experience!
Update 2018: I have changed the picture of President Monson to President Nelson.You can also play portions of conference online with the speaker saying the" as well.Where are these places on the map?By, ashlee on in, ashlee, Kids, a few years ago, I created a bingo sheet for children to use during.Aprils General Conference round up for 13 additional posts!General Conference Bingo, this week I put together a pack of 6 different bingo cards for my kids to use during.General Conference Talks, click here.