Here you will find a collection of hundreds of flashcards for ESL kids.
Around the World (Flashcard Game) - A classic competitive flashcard game.
All the games require students to listen carefully for information or key vocabulary.You will find all the classic game shows you used to watch on TV such as Blankety Blank, Family fortunes, Mastermind, etc.These ESL games provide creative and entertaining ways for students to ask and answer questions using different grammatical structures.It's a must-have for anyone teaching young, beginner- level ESL/EFL students!Download it instantly for just.99!A fun team game in which students must complete tasks to earn points for their team.Any number with a 7 in it must be "buzz" (7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, etc.) and any multiple of 7 must be "buzz" (14, 21, 28, 35, 42, etc.).They help free online games slot for fun 111 students to describe vocabulary and specific structures or phrases by using actions, gestures and body language.The flashcards are saved.pdf files which are opened in your browser with.
There are games to help students introduce themselves and others, give personal information and learn one another's name.
(Intermediate) - Students must get classmates to guess a word without saying the banned keywords!
There are two copies of each card, one with a word describing the picture, and the other without a description so that you can write your own.
Bring some artistic flair to your classroom with these fun ESL drawing games.
These enjoyable ESL word association games are great for revising vocabulary and can be adapted for any age or level.
On this page, you will find entertaining ESL counting games to help students practice or review numbers.Flash Player 3 (or higher flash Player 1 (or higher).More Phonics bingo Cards!Don't Say the Words!Put the numbers in a box and then instruct the students to take out the numbers and place them in a line as you call them out. .They work particularly well with large classes.We are sure you will find our games section a useful tool in improving your students' English language ability.When the number reaches 7 the student holding the ball must say "buzz".The teacher writes numbers on the blackboard in a scramble here and there, but low enough that the students can reach.ESL Categories (Beginner / Intermediate) - Similar to "Scattergories students must come up with words for different categories, using the same first letter for each word.There are also games to help students practice translating sentences.Below the vocabulary list for each flashcard theme, there is a 'Single Flashcard Wizard' which you can use to print individual cards instead of a whole set.Playing games in class also helps to focus attention, improve interaction, increase energy levels and build confidence.This should save you some time, not to mention ink, if you need to replace lost or torn cards.