dark dimensions city of fog bonus walkthrough

Collect the Hook and click on the Debris (4).
Click and drag the Pliers to the Ring to remove the Diamond; youll receive it automatically.
This happened to me, but the remaining Demon wasnt blocked, so my entire game was effectively over and I had to start over with a new profile.
14 The Cemetery Click on the Monument (1 use the Rose (2 collect the Gem (3 #4 of 5) and then click on the Stone Piano (4).The object is to light a continuous line connecting the Points of the Star and the Center Pentagon.This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete.When complete, enter the Developing Lab (2).Click and drag the Shovel, use it on the X and then collect the Treasures (click twice).The object is to arrange the Tiles so each row contains the same color Tiles as the Arrows in each row.This walkthrough assumes you know to exit them when told to continue to another item/area.Use the Saw on the Tree (1 continue to the Ice Passage (2) and then click on the Balloon Gondola (3).30 The Cave Use the Grappling Hook on the Cave Entrance (1) and then enter the Cave (2).Be aware that the Demons move every time an Angel moves, so you may have to readjust your plan as the game progresses.
Tool: Pull Chain, Interactive Items: Click and drag the Fork to the Pickle Jar to remove a Pickle; youll receive it automatically.
Note that pressing the Esc key will not work; you must click the Menu button.
Tool: Lever 29 The Train Platform Return to the Mine (click back lotto results 22 feb 2014 3 times, click forward through the Arch, click right and then click on the Ladder to the Mine) and continue down the Track (1).
Click on the following for a video solution.
The instructions mention that the girl is smiling, with the cat on her lap and that she does not like bright lights.
Use the Crowbar on the Manhole Cover (1 click on the Hole and use the Helicopter on the Empty Space (2 click anywhere).
Collect the Elevator Handle (3 click on the Window (4 use the Rope on the Smokestack (5) and then enter the Doctors Office through the Window.The only order that will work is Mouse (a Dog (b Light (c Candy (d) and Camera (e).Tool: Pen, Multiple Items: 3 Blocks.Click on the Photograph (1 collect the Elevator Button (2 click on the Top of the Cabinet (3 collect the Acid (4) and then click on the Surgery Table (5).Click and drag the Matches, use it on the Firewood and then collect the Embers.Solution 1 (Right Side click a, b, c, a, d, e, f, g, h, b, g, e, i, d and.When complete, click forward (2 enter the Basement (3) and then click on the Butchering Table (4).Click on the Leaves (4 you dont need to remove all the Leaves; click until enough of the coin is revealed to collect it collect the 25 Cents 1 of 3) and then enter the Hotel (5).Click on the Developed Photo (10) and then click on the Journal Entry (11).Click on the Alcove (1).General Areas will be indicated as follows: Tools in green, Items of note with white, circling arrows and Interactive Items, Active Areas and Locations by numbers.Click and drag the Wheel, use it on the Cart and then collect the Wheelbarrow.This type of puzzle is a standard Magic Square and theyre quite easy to solve once you know a few tricks.Note that this is not the only solution.

Tool: Feathers (Rooster Feathers).
The object is to move the Helicopters to their matching-colored Pads.