Bluff catching range The number of hands that do not have any real value left on the earn paypal money now river, but might still be good enough to catch the bluff of an opponent 2 bluff induce To make an aggressive move with a strong hand to give.
Chip A small disk or tablet used in place of money.
Dirty stack A stack of chips apparently of a single denomination, but with one or more chips of another.
Fold To discard one's hand and forfeit interest in the current pot.Shark A professional player.Rakeback is paid in many ways by online poker rooms, affiliates or brick and mortar rooms.Usually used in Texas hold 'em.See also fish To make calls based on the hopes of hitting runner-runner, inside, or backdoor draws rack A collection of 100 chips of the same denomination, usually arranged in five stacks in a plastic tray.Those who choose to play display some sort of token.2, for goldfish race for the gold slot machine example, if a player buys in for 100, then wins 100 (for a total stack of 200 the player may not remove the original 100 buy-in while remaining seated.If a player attempts to put additional money onto the table (from his/her wallet) in the middle of a hand, he may not do so until the conclusion of said hand.Rabbit hunt After a hand is complete, to reveal cards that would have been dealt later in the hand had it continued.See main article: call.See acting out of turn.
In the dark blind defense To call or raise an opponent's raise when in the big blind, rather than folding an otherwise weak hand, in order to exploit overly aggressive players.
A bet, along with all the calls of that bet action button, a marker similar to a kill button, on which a player places an extra forced bet.
If their hand wins, the amount is ignored.
You may not check if a bet has been made ahead of you.Chop To split a pot because of a tie, split-pot game, or player agreement To play a game for a short time and cash out.Active player A player still involved in the pot.Used especially to denote the situation where the board presents a flush possibility, when the player does not in fact have a flush, but holding the ace presents some bluffing or semi-bluffing opportunity and a redraw in case the flush draw comes on the turn.A large pool of money collected by the house and awarded for some rare occurrence, typically a bad beat.See card suits suited connectors See main article: suited connectors super satellite A multi-table poker tournament in which the prize is a free entrance to a satellite tournament or a tournament in which all the top finishers gain entrance to a larger tournament.Also two-way best casino in philadelphia straight draw or double-ended straight draw openers The cards held by a player in a game of jackpots entitling them to open the pot.Single-table sit-and-gos, with nine or ten players, are the norm, but multi-table games are common as well.Used mostly in lowball games, where royal cards are rarely helpful.