casino token collectors

Senne / blank field, circle around rim, iron, 16mm, C4603.
Of 1 schilling 1924 / rev.
France, transit token, ND (1950s compagnie LE taxiphone / same, copper-nickel, white orchid casino slot machine 24mm,.00 904 6 france, US military, officers open mess laon.B.Germany, jeton, ND, laureate adult bust R, lovis LE grand ROY DE france / bow, club lion skin, ET svnt otia divis, edificia regia, bronze, 25mm, LGL (Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer, aG/VG.Germany, ellwangen, cathedral, amtskÖrperschaft.windlass above arms, associated irish mines company 1789, serif of "1" points between "A" "T edge: payable AT cronebane lodge OR IN dublin, DH-21, weak center rev., edge bumps, aVF.Canada, ontario, transit token, ND (1961) DHO on crosshatched field.6mm squares, department OF highways ontario / class 1 vehicle, department OF highways ontario, brass, 17mm, A400Ca.Germany, jeton, ND (early 18th century?) bust R, vespasianvs ROM IMP AVG / soldier mourning female under palm tree, ivdea capta SC, brass, 27mm, VG/aG.
Great britain, norfolk, tunstead happing, halfpenny, 1812 wheatsheaf, payable AT THE corporation house / tunstead happing half penny token 1812, copper, D30,.
Germany, NÜrnberg POW camp, 5 pfennig ND, zinc, 19mm, U3-3 spots, lacquer,.
Great britain, apothecary weight, ND (19th.) script 3ij / 2 dram, cut squarish, brass, 17mm,.78g, all incuse lettering,.
France, bayonne, 25 centimes 1920 boat / octagonal, aluminum, 22mm,.6 spots,.
Germany, NÜrnberg, Nürnberg-Fürth streetcar, 20 pfennig ND luginsland octagonal, aluminum, 24mm, U4-1 Unc.
France, region provencale, 10 centimes ND, zinc, spots,.Germany, MÜnster, good card games for 2 people zinc, 19mm, U2-2.Germany, democratic republic, medal, Stick figure acrobats, VII sportfest IX keno tips and tricks spartakiade liepzig 83 / Logo, brass, 41mm,.Rocker mess 10 / same, brass, 18mm, C-KR2350d cleaned.LA maison DU peuple bruxelleaire inscrire tous LES mois / logo, jeton DE ristourne UN pain boulangerie, aluminum, 21mm,.ONE dollar / sun, palm tree, king international., copper-nickel, 37mm,.86g, edge nicks,.Canada, quebec, montreal, halfpenny, 1815 (c.

Nicaragua (maybe, or Guatemala, or Mexico perhaps token, ND (late 19-early 20th.
Japan, US military, yokosuk club / crossed anchors, nickel plated brass, 18mm, C-JP6190b.
octagonal, iron, 19mm, U1-6 few rust spots, Unc.