I quickly realize how privileged I am to witness this private world with its codes and resorts casino events particularities.".
Reuters/Eric Gaillard 24/ These days, the the hollow woods card game casino seems to be filled with more tourists gawking at the ornate architecture and fancy cars than serious gamblers.Recipient of the prestigious, forbes Travel Guide, four-Star award, this luxurious 10,500 square-foot spa located in the heart of Southern Californias greater Palm Springs area features a fitness center and well-appointed treatment rooms.In Greek mythology, the Sunstone was dedicated to the sun-god Helios and was believed to bring life, positive energy, and abundance to those fortunate enough to carry.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 20/ Here, a croupier sets up plaques, worth up to 274,380 each, in the private rooms of the Salle Blanche.Enjoy a variety of services including both traditional and special seasonal massage and skin treatments, full-service hair and nail salons, eucalyptus steam, dry sauna, whirlpool, private outdoor swimming pool, luxury spa cabanas, and so much more.He has worked at the casino for almost 33 years.Hundreds of people work in the casino and behind the scenes to keep things meticulous.Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco.
In 89 reviews, everything looked very new and flashy, they have a bowling center, pool, pizza, Johnny rockets, arcade, and lounges everywhere.
Reuters/Eric Gaillard 8 the, casino de Monte Carlo has long been associated with James Bond.
"This is a zero-tolerance environment." Pictured is Gilbert Luciano of Italy, who is in charge of casino cards and stocks.
They have a bowling alley, movie theatre, and arcade for the kiddos, a driving range and the giant swing for the adventure seeker.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 10/ Chantal Duhomme has worked at the casino for 25 years and is in charge of the cleaning of the slot machines.Julie Zeveloff/Business Insider 1/ More: Follow us on: Also check out: Edition.Now step inside the world's grandest casino and meet the people who make it tick.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 19/ The casino treats its high-rollers well.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 21/ The casino employs seven craftsmen, including a woodworker and a specialist in tapestry and embroidery, who construct and maintain the gambling tables.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 12/ Most rooms in the casino are accessible to the public, but some are reserved for known high-rollers.Reuters/Eric Gaillard 22/ When visitors are ready to cash out, they can exchange their chips with assistant cashier Gregory Francois, posing here in the Salle des Ameriques.

But, reuters photographer Eric Gaillard recently gained access to document the casino 's inner workings over three days.
1 the "Belle Epoque"-style, casino de Monte Carlo is the centerpiece of Monaco, a tiny principality nestled into the French Riviera.
Reuters/Eric Gaillard 17/ The Casino de Monte Carlo offers a range of European and American games, including roulette, blackjack, and craps.