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Viola species are herbaceous, and a substantial number are acaulescent in habit - meaning they lack any noticeable stems and the foliage and flowers appear to rise from the ground; the remaining species have short stems with foliage and flowers produced in the axils.
Jermaine Dupri Fatman Scoop: It's Like That (Video short) Fiance 2005 Final Approach (Video) Coach Davis 2004 The Killers:.Odorata provide a free source of greens throughout a long growing season.Common blue violet Viola sororia is the state flower of Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey."Violet Day, Press, 3 September 1914,.8, col.The flowers have 5 sepals that persist after blooming, and in some species the sepals enlarge after blooming.Ian Burton 1994 The Hard Truth.They are used as decorating or included in aromatic desserts.10 The seeds of some species have elaiosomes and are dispersed by ants.Other uses edit Culinary edit When newly opened, Viola flowers may be used to decorate salads or in stuffings for poultry or fish.
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Guilford, CT: The Globe P"Press.Journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine.Prionantha have been identified." Viola jinggangshanensis (Violaceae a new species from Jiangxi, China" (PDF).Appearances by Sammi Hanratty, Debby Ryan and Sabrina Carpenter.Esposito 2013 The House Across the Street Officer Peterson 2013 Paranormal Movie.CS1 maint: Explicit use of.Perennial cultivars edit There are hundreds of perennial viola and violetta cultivars; many of these do not breed true from seed and therefore have to be propagated from cuttings.Odorata adds inimitable sweetness to desserts, fruit salads, and teas while the mild pea flavor.Rawlings 2016 A Trip to Jamaica Sonnie 2016/III Uploaded Bobby 2016 Santa's Boot Camp Mall Santa 2016 Code Black (TV Series) Vincent Savetti / Vince Savetti - Landslide (2016).Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub.Australia is home to a number of Viola species, including Viola hederacea, Viola betonicifolia and Viola banksii, first collected by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander on the Cook voyage to Botany Bay.The shape of the petals and placement defines many species, for example, some species have a "spur" on the end of each petal while most have a spur on the lower petal.

The flower styles are thickened near the top and the stigmas are head-like, narrowed or often beaked.
Other species often grown include Viola labradorica, Viola pedata, and Viola rotundifolia.