Otogi: Spirit Agents is a CCG RPG where players are Spirit Agents charged with eliminating evil energy running rampant in the world.
Top Pro, over 600 cards (approx 250 legal per hero).The combat and card mechanics are extremely similar to Hearthstone, but you summon your units onto a five-by-nine grid where they can move around each indian casino slots in los angeles turn.Sword Girls is a trading card game with an intricate backstory involving a World War against the empire of Lazion.Official site, what sets it apart: The reintroduction of 'instants' and mana cards while staying very streamlined.It's a very complex game, but also a relatively approachable one, and fills an interesting role in the CCG genre).Publisher: White Wizard Games Playerbase: Low Type: Strategy CCG Release Date: March 8, 2016 Pros: Based on award-winning CCG.Shadowverse, official site, what sets it apart: An 'Evolve' mechanic that lets you buff and transform any of your minions.There is never a fear of needing to spend more money than you want to "catch-up so people can take a break for slots to play for free with bonuses queen a while and return later to fill gaps in their playset.
Krosmaga is a strategy card game in which players summon minions on a lane-based playing field, to destroy their opponent's towers.
SolForge is a digital collectible card game that pits two 30-card decks against each other with the aim of lowering the opponent's health to zero.
Follower cards are infantry cards that buff the player and deal damage to the enemy.
Effects will specify they damage "the ally with the lowest health for example, and on a tie there is a Standard Resolution Order (the ally closer to the hero takes priority so always know which one will be affected.
Shadowverse is a multi-platform online CCG that features seven distinct character classes, each with unique deck mechanics.
As someone who can't help but play every card game I can get my hands on, I noticed most of these competitors were often written off as dead or dying in the shadow of Hearthstone without even getting a chance to prove themselves.
To be frank, the voice acting in this game is really bad, but the art style and theme itself is a cool blend of sci-fi and fantasy.Playerbase: Medium, type: TCG RPG, release Date: October 16, 2014, pros: Deep card pool to collect.It also has a rune system that lets you draw a free card for every five health you lose, making it important to plan carefully when you are deciding to deal damage to your opponent.You place those cards in a set order in front of you while your opponent does the same.Star Realms is a strategic deckbuilding MMO based on an award-winning trading card game that combines fast-paced deck building with strategic TCG-style combat.Gameplay limited to three slots for monsters and spells.Between the cash tournaments, the ladder with rewards for both limited and constructed play, draft gauntlets, sealed and evolution gauntlet, as well as the single player campaign, playing the auction house, and the 'sandbox' Frost Ring Arena, there is a lot to engage.